Have you considered requesting a veterinary house call for your pet’s next appointment? House calls are becoming more and more popular in the veterinary world, and with good reason. They offer some great benefits! In this article, an East Valley, AZ veterinarian lists some reasons to consider veterinary house calls.

Mobility Issues

As our animal companions get older, they often get quite stiff and sore. Issues like arthritis and hip dysplasia can make being held or carried uncomfortable for pets. With a home appointment, your furry BFF only needs to briefly interrupt their daily napping schedule.

Multiple Pets

Taking more than one pet to the vet at once can get a bit chaotic. Separate appointments, on the other hand, eat up more of your time. House calls are a great solution for this!

Easier On Pets

We suspect that, given the option, most, if not all, of our furry patients would opt for house calls. We do everything we can to make appointments easy on pets. However, many pets just get uneasy at the clinic. This is often in large part because of the presence and scents of other nervous animals, some of whom are sick.

Large Dogs

Some of our canine patients are definitely larger than life. We love big, goofy dogs! However, getting these guys from one place to another isn’t always easy, especially if they have mobility issues.


Another benefit of veterinary house calls is that they allow your vet to observe your pet in their own domain. This can be very helpful, especially when it comes to getting advice on your furry buddy’s diet and care needs. For example, if your vet asks what kind of pet food or products you get, it’s easy to grab the package.

Saying Goodbye

We know, no one is ever ready to say goodbye to a furry friend. However, when the time comes, house calls offer the option of doing so in the peace and serenity of your own home.


Although house calls can be wonderful, they aren’t necessarily the best option for every appointment. Fido and Fluffy will still need to come into the clinic for some exams and/or procedures. Ask your vet if you think house calls are right for your pet.

Do you want to learn more about house calls? Call us, your local East Valley, AZ vet clinic, today!