Happy New Year! As we leave 2019 behind and move into 2020, many people are thinking about their personal goals and setting resolutions for the new year. What about our feline friends? We’re not sure that Fluffy would ever bother to make resolutions, but we do have a pretty good idea about what’s on her agenda for the coming year. Read on as an East Valley, AZ veterinarian predicts some things Fluffy will do in 2020.

Steal Your Chair

Kitties are very opportunistic little furballs, and they can’t resist warm napping spots. At some point, you’ll get up for a minute, and Fluffy will seize the opportunity to take your place.

Explore A Box

We may never fully understand Fluffy’s box obsession: we just know it’s cute. Chances are, your furball will investigate at least one new box this year.

Give You Cattitude

Kitties may be small, but they have huge purrsonalities. Just like people, cats get a bit grumpy sometimes. If Fluffy is cranky, she may meow at you in an irritated tone, ignore you, or even bite you lightly.

Sneak Attack

Cats definitely live by their own rules. However, we suspect that Fluffy’s rulebook clearly instructs her to keep her stealth skills intact. Expect at least one kitty ambush this year.


In the wild, kitties hunt for their dinners, so their very survival depends on their pouncing abilities. Your pet may never have to hunt anything aside from the occasional moth, housefly, or dust bunny, but she’ll still be driven to attack things. Play with Fluffy regularly to help her make this goal! 

Confuse You

Cats can be quite snuggly, which is one reason they are such lovable little pets. Of course, Fluffy only wants snuggles on her schedule. Your furry buddy will at some point demand attention when you are busy doing something. She may also ignore you when you are ready to cuddle.

Make You Laugh

One thing that really makes our feline pals so special is the fact that they are so much fun. Fluffy’s cute meows, adorable quirks, and charismatic habits can all be highly entertaining. Your kitty will definitely put some smiles on your face next year!

Please feel free to contact us, your East Valley, AZ vet clinic, anytime. We look forward to helping you keeping your pet healthy in 2020 and beyond.