Summer is just around the corner! This can be a tough time of year for our feline pals. Not only is Fluffy wearing a fur coat, she also doesn’t have many ways to cool herself off. Your pet could be in serious trouble if she overheats! Read on as a Mesa, AZ vet clinic offers some tips on keeping your kitty cool on sweltering days.


First and foremost, make sure that your cat always has access to fresh water. You may want to get Fluffy a kitty fountain. Many of our feline friends prefer to drink running water!


Dead fur and dander interfere with the insulating properties of your kitty’s coat, and can actually make her even hotter. Brushing your furry little diva every day will keep her comfortable … and make her feel a bit pampered.

Ice Cubes

Drop a few ice cubes into Fluffy’s bowl on sweltering days. You may also want to put one on the floor for her to bat around. Because those little ‘toe beans’ help cats regulate their body temperature, playing ‘pawkey’ is actually a great way for them to cool down. Plus, it’s really cute to watch.

Cold Treat

Who doesn’t like a cold treat on sweltering days? Your furry friend may enjoy a bowl of chilled sodium-free broth, or perhaps a cold can of tuna in water. You can also freeze sodium-free broth in an ice cube tray, and give your pet small pieces on occasion.

Freedom To Roam

If there’s one thing cats are good at, it’s getting comfortable. Fluffy will naturally seek out cool spots to relax in. (You may very well find your furball sprawled out in the middle of the kitchen floor, but that’s just purr for the course.) Just make sure that you don’t accidentally lock your feline buddy into a shed or cellar.

Kitty Hammock

Ever wonder why hammocks are popular on beaches, but not at ski lodges? It’s because they allow air to move beneath them. This makes them much cooler than regular beds. Why not make Fluffy a kitty hammock to look adorable in? Just attach a sturdy piece of fabric to the legs of a table, and tell her not to get in. Voila!

Please contact us, your local Mesa, AZ vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We are here to help!