May 30th is International Hug Your Cat Day! Although many of our animal companions are quite affectionate, our feline pals may very well be the most huggable. After all, kitties are not only soft and cute, they also fit purrfectly into our arms and laps. Plus, in a year like this, Fluffy’s soothing purrs can be a wonderful source of comfort. Here, a local Mesa, AZ veterinarian offers some tips on hugging cats.

Kids And Kitties

This year has been rough on everyone, but it has been particularly frightening for children. Kitty cuddles can be a great help with this. Everyone needs a hug sometimes! Just bear in mind that little kids don’t always understand the do’s and don’ts of hugging Fluffy. Rule number one: never force attention on a furball that wants to be left alone. That’s a good way to get scratched! It may also end up making your furry pal uneasy about being petted. It’s also important to teach your youngsters to support Fluffy correctly, so that her weight is on her rump or legs. Finally, when your cat wants to get down, let her go.

Cats That Need Hugs

One of the bright spots of 2020 is the fact that many shelter pets have been adopted. In fact, even as the Coronavirus pandemic unfolded, some shelters found themselves with empty kennels! However, there are still many cute pets available for adoption. While adopting a pet is never something to take lightly, it is something to consider. Fluffy does have a special way of keeping us smiling and entertained. You’ll give that one lucky furball a second chance, which is a very rewarding experience. Plus, you get endless kitty hugs!

Benefits of Hugging Cats

We probably don’t have to tell you that snuggling up with a purring feline can be very comforting. This is wonderful for your mental and emotional health. Hugging cats also provides some rather astonishing health benefits. In fact, it may help lower your blood pressure and reduce your risk of stroke or heart attack. Plus, when you cuddle Fluffy, a special hormone is released in you both. This hormone, oxytocin, also known as the Cuddle hormone, helps strengthen feelings of love and security.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can do for you. As your Mesa, AZ vet clinic, we’re here for you!