If you’re like most people owned by cats, you probably think you know your kitty pretty well. You likely know where she loves to nap and what her favorite toys and treats are. You can also probably list a few adorable quirks. However, you may not know your pet as well as you think! A Mesa, AZ vet lists some fun facts about kitties in this article.

Rightie Or Leftie

Just like people, cats have a dominant hand. Or, in Fluffy’s case, paw. Most male kitties are lefties, while girls are usually righties. If you’re curious about your pet, just watch and see what paw she uses to smack at things.

Color Coordination

Does your cat have a patterned coat? If you have a tortoiseshell or tabby, it’s probably safe for us to guess that your furry pal is a girl. Male tabbies are extremely rare. In fact, only one in about 3000 of these pretty kitties is a boy!


Did you know that our feline overlords rarely ‘speak’ aloud to one another? They usually communicate with facial expressions, body language, and, in some cases, by attacking one another. Fluffy only meows at her humans, and usually when she wants something.

Cuddle Duties

Did you know that cats think of us as their parents? (They also see us as servants and furniture, but that’s another topic.) Fluffy will adjust her packed kitty schedule, so that, regardless of how many naps she takes during the day, she’ll still snuggle up with you at night. In fact, when you cuddle your feline buddy, a special hormone is released in you both. This hormone, called Oxytocin, is also called the Love hormone. It reinforces feelings of love and affection.


If there’s one thing we know about our feline pals, it’s that they are very, very tired. Cats can sleep up to 20 hours a day! However, Fluffy isn’t completely zonked out for most of those naps. Kitties are often dozing, and still monitor things going on around them. In the wild, this helps them stay alert to the activity and presence of both predators and prey animals nearby. At home, it means Fluffy may twitch, open one eye, or flick her tail if you call her name mid-nap.

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