Arizona’s sweltering summers can be pretty rough on rabbits. Floppy can’t sweat to cool off, and can get very stressed and sick on sweltering days. While those floppy ears will help regulate your fuzzy friend’s temperature, they can only do so much. Whenever temps go about 75F, you’ll need to take some extra steps to keep your cute pet cool. A Mesa, AZ vet offers some advice on helping bunnies beat the heat in this article.

Keep The Bunny Indoors

Floppy is part of the family, and will be much happier and safer staying indoors. Keep your four-legged pal inside, in rooms cooled by fans or air conditioners.


Choosing the right spot will help a lot. Floppy will be happiest in a quiet area where she can see and hear you, without being too exposed. Make sure she isn’t in direct sunlight, or too close to air ducts.


Pointing a fan at or above your bunny’s cage will help keep the air moving. Just keep the wires out of paws’ reach! Also, make sure that Floppy can’t pull the fan down onto herself.

Cold Water Bottles

Another thing you can do is freeze water in cold packs or plastic bottles. Put a few of these in Floppy’s cage. Your furry buddy may lay beside them to cool off. Keep a couple in rotation. That way, when one melts, you can quickly grab a replacement from the fridge.


Fresh produce can also help keep your bunny cool. Opt for refreshing summer favorites, like cucumbers, celery, and mint. Just keep in mind that many of these foods are only safe in moderation. Do some research, and ask your vet for more information.


Many of our furry patients like to sprawl out on tiles, because it stays cool. Get Floppy a large ceramic tile. That may become one of her favorite napping spots for those scorching summer days!


Making sure your cute pet always has cool water to drink will go a long way. Put a few ice cubes in Floppy’s water bottle!

Cooling Mat

Cooling mats can also help! Another option is to freeze a towel, and put that in your pet’s cage.

Do you have any questions or concerns about your pet bunny’s diet, health, or care needs? We are here to help! Contact us, your local Mesa, AZ vet clinic, anytime!