November is Adopt A Senior Dog Month! This is one cause that we are happy to spread awareness. Older dogs really make wonderful pets! Unfortunately, they are often passed over in favor of puppies. A local veterinarian Mesa, AZ discusses adopting one of these sweet, lovable pooches in this article. 


There are many things to love about pups in their golden years. For one thing, they tend to be very sweet, lovable, and affectionate. Older dogs are also quite calm, as they’ve outgrown the zoomies and mischievous antics younger pooches are known for. Fido will probably be more interested in collecting belly rubs than in tearing up your flower beds. Your four-legged friend also won’t need a lot of entertainment or exercise, and he’s probably already trained. Did we mention the fact that senior dogs are absolutely adorable? 


Some people shy away from adopting older dogs because they worry that these pooches need lots of extra care. This isn’t necessarily true, however. In many cases, senior pets just have slightly different needs than younger ones. In general, you’ll want to focus more on keeping Fido comfortable than on keeping him entertained. In fact, many people find that dogs in their golden years are actually very easy keepers because they’re so calm.

Settling In

Before bringing Fido home, make sure that your home is safe and comfortable for him. Keep your canine pal’s age in mind when you go shopping. Good beds raised dishes, and pet ramps are all small touches that can help keep your cute pet comfortable and happy in his doggy retirement. 

Coming Home

Going to a new home is a big change for Fido. Older dogs are often very traumatized by the experience of being in a shelter. They may also feel sad, confused, and/or anxious about being separated from–or in some cases, abandoned by–their former owners. Your furry friend may need some time to recoup and settle in. You’ll want to take Fido to the vet for a full exam as soon as possible. Aside from that, just let him relax. You may find that it doesn’t take your new canine buddy long at all to melt your heart! 

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