Thanksgiving is coming up quick! Kitties are definitely something to be thankful for. A local vet’s Mesa, AZ lists some other reasons to be grateful for cats below. 

Hunting Prowess

Fluffy’s pouncing skills aren’t as in-demand as they were in older times, but she does still help farmers keep their properties free of mice and other vermin. Even the laziest housecats dutifully try to protect their humans from moths, dust bunnies, and other random ‘invaders.’

Kitty Supervision

Many of our feline patients will be keeping a very close eye on their humans over the next few weeks.  The way kitties like to watch and follow their owners is one of their cutest traits. Fluffy takes her supervisory duties very seriously! 

Chair Warming

Have you ever gotten up for a moment, only to find your chair occupied by a purring furball when you get back? Fluffy politely does this to ensure that your seat stays warm while you’re gone. How sweet! 


One of the best things about cats is the fact that they’re so cuddly. Many kitties start purring as soon as you pet them or pick them up! Fluffy also loves snuggling up with her humans and sleeping in their laps. 

Feline Assistance

Kitties are at least a little bit grateful for the food, toys, treats, catnip, litterboxes, furniture, and beds we provide them with. Fluffy will politely try to repay you by doing things like keeping your fresh laundry warm, accompanying you to the bathroom, and helping you change your bedsheets.

Personal Training

Fluffy is very loving, and she really does try to help her humans stay fit. She may run out in front of you to help you work on your balance, or climb onto dressers and counters so you have to lift her down.


Our feline pals are full of hilarious quirks. Fluffy always manages to keep us smiling with her silly antics and charismatic meows. We’re definitely grateful for the comedic relief kitties to provide! 


There are many things to love about cats, but the fact that these little furballs actually vibrate with happiness is one of our favorites. Fluffy’s purrs are not only soothing and comforting, but they’re also super cute! 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if ever we can be of assistance. As your local animal hospital Mesa, AZ, we are here to help!