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7 Reasons To Be Grateful For Cats

7 Reasons To Be Grateful For Cats

Thanksgiving is coming up quick! Kitties are definitely something to be thankful for. A local vet’s Mesa, AZ lists some other reasons to be grateful for cats below.  Hunting Prowess Fluffy’s pouncing skills aren’t as in-demand as they were in older times, but she does still help farmers keep their properties free of mice and … Read More »

Caring for a Shy Cat


Is your feline friend a bit timid? Does Fluffy run and hide when you make a loud noise, or hightail it for her favorite hiding spot when she hears the doorbell? Just like people, cats all have their own unique personalities. Some are loud and outspoken, some are nonchalant, and some are quite shy. A … Read More »

Fun Facts About Fluffy


If you’re like most people owned by cats, you probably think you know your kitty pretty well. You likely know where she loves to nap and what her favorite toys and treats are. You can also probably list a few adorable quirks. However, you may not know your pet as well as you think! A … Read More »

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Cute Things Your Cat Will Do This Year


Happy New Year! As we leave 2019 behind and move into 2020, many people are thinking about their personal goals and setting resolutions for the new year. What about our feline friends? We’re not sure that Fluffy would ever bother to make resolutions, but we do have a pretty good idea about what’s on her … Read More »

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6 Key Reasons To Play With Your Dog Regularly

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One of the many things we love about our canine companions is the fact that they are so playful. Fido may run up to you holding his favorite toy when he is feeling frisky. You should definitely indulge these adorable requests for doggy playtime. Playing is actually great for dogs! Read on as a Mesa, … Read More »

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