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5 Reasons to Spay or Neuter Your Pet

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February is traditionally a lovers’ month: after all, Valentine’s Day is coming up. However, when it comes to pets, it’s actually more beneficial to stop romantic pairings than to encourage them. That may be why this is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month! A Mesa, AZ vet discusses spay/neuter surgery, and why it’s so important, below. Curb Overpopulation … Read More »

2021 Resolutions for Dogs


Happy New Year! Are you making resolutions for 2021? If so, your dog will faithfully stay with you as you strive to make your goals. As it turns out, your furry little cheerleader has a few goals of his own! Read on as a Mesa, AZ vet lists some of the things Fido may want … Read More »

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Holiday Treats for Fido


The holiday season is upon us! Food is a big part of many annual festivities and celebrations. Our canine companions are just as enthusiastic about those special snacks as we are. Of course, while Fido would happily snap up anything that falls within paws’ reach, not everything is safe or suitable for him. Here, a … Read More »

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Adopting A Senior Dog

Adopting A Senior Dog

November is Adopt A Senior Dog Month! This is one cause that we are happy to spread awareness. Older dogs really make wonderful pets! Unfortunately, they are often passed over in favor of puppies. A local veterinarian Mesa, AZ discusses adopting one of these sweet, lovable pooches in this article.  Benefits There are many things … Read More »

Service Dog Month


September is Service Dog Month! Service dogs definitely deserve to be honored. These wonderful pups help us in many ways, and have made a world of difference in many people’s lives. A Mesa, AZ vet discusses service dogs below. History Fido has been a working dog for thousands of years. However, he was traditionally occupied … Read More »

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International Assistance Dog Week (IADW)


International Assistance Dog Week starts August 2nd! International Assistance Dog Week was started as a way to honor all of the hard-working pooches that help individuals overcome disabilities. This is also a great time to help spread awareness about assistance dogs, and shine a spotlight on some of their heroics. A local Mesa, AZ vet … Read More »

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